Main Interest

The world in which we are living today is characterized by technological change. In the decades to come, (semi-)intelligent digital agents based on complex algorithms will be an integral part of our everyday lives, in the same way, that automats and machines (e.g. washing machines, dishwashers, automobiles) have entered modern life as a result of the industrial revolution. Intelligent homes, self-driving cars or the Internet of Things are no longer mere phantasies in science fiction novels. In order to remain responsible citizens in this brave new world, empowered to make informed decisions, we need to address the potentials and consequences of these developments as early as possible. I see future-oriented research and education as an important task in which I would like to participate.

Projects that I am involved in

SAMT – SprachAssisten­ten: Medienvielfalt und Transparenz (Voice-based assistants: media diversity and transparency) 2021

Smart Home Lab since 2018 (at the Institute of Communication, TU Dresden)

Summer School on „Voice Interaction and Voice Assistants in Health Care“ 2019 (together with an interdisciplinary and international Team at TU Dresden)

Doctoral Thesis on ‚Perception of Voice Based Agents as Social Actors‘ at TU Dresden (2017-2020). The project’s key questions are: Are voice based assistants perceived as social actors? If so, what characteristics do they and the interaction with them possess?